Opsys is a leading developer of pure solid state LiDARs that allow for a customized FOV. We set up, implemented, and rolled-out their ALM processes and system from scratch and are currently supporting them on achieving compliance and market leadership with their newest product line.


Innoviz is enabling the autonomous vehicle revolution with their state of the art LiDAR sensors and perception software. We implemented their ALM system from scratch with support for ISO 26262 and ASPICE back in 2018 and have been supporting them in all of their projects ever since. Their LiDAR has been selected by BMW for its fully electric autonomous car program and will be the first to be deployed in consumer vehicles.


Tactile’s software-only solution uses the car’s existing sensors to analyze the data in a new and unique way which allows the driver to feel the dynamic between the vehicle and the road. This in turn improves driving safety, user experience, and efficiency. We implemented their completely custom ALM processes and are happy to see them grow and achieve market success.


OxSonics is developing a breakthrough delivery platform for anti-cancer agents, significantly increasing the effectiveness on solid tumours. We optimized their ALM and risk-management processes when they felt they weren’t getting the most out of their ALM system.


SmarTap creates smart showers that provide a completely new showering experience and are the “next generation of digital showering”. Due to the safety-criticality of their product we helped them achieve compliance for functional safety and enabled their ALM processes from the ground up.


Vayyar’s 4D imaging sensors can see through walls and objects and track and map events in real-time. They provide their solutions for the automotive, medical, homeland security, and robotics industries, among others. We are currently optimizing their ALM processes to fit their needs in achieving industry compliance.



ESL was founded in 2005 and is a technical software resale and professional services company and is our partner in Israel. They provide next-generation software tools for productivity and compliance including codebeamer ALM, Perforce ALM and Version Control, and


Controsys is the sales representative and supporter of market-leading products and industry-standard solutions and is our partner in Hungary. Their expertise include AVEVA solutions, Red Lion Controls, and codebeamer ALM.

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Our implementation and consulting partner located in Zurich, Switzerland. Their decades of engineering and consulting services experience is a great asset to our operations and our customers’ success.

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I’ve been using codebeamer ALM for 3 years on a daily basis – my position requires me to be a power-user, dealing mostly with processes definition, reports, queries and configuration. The successful assimilation, establishment and ongoing (and increasing) usage couldn’t have been done without the support of Ben Hörömpöly and Kanzen, which due to his vast and deep knowledge of the tool, his dedication, creativity (for problem solving), approach, serviceability and availability made the entire process much easier.
Ben is always there for us, attentive for every problem, request, question and idea, providing the answer or solution promptly, accurately and adequately.
Highly Recommended!

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Rami Ben-Ari

Software QA and Processes Manager,
Innoviz Technologies

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